Saturday, May 28, 2011

Smithfield House - May 28th 2011

End of week 8.The deck all but finished, just needs the rail.
Dining Room.Tile.Front entrance.
Front entrance looking into the house.Laundry room.Part of the Master Bath, they still need to finish tiling.Master bedroom.One of the girls rooms.Front entrance.In the living room looking down the hall.In the dining room looking into the kitchen.In the dining room looking into the living room.Another kitchen picture.The house is all sided and rocked.
The workers really made a lot of progress this past week. All the rock is now done, the siding is all done, the whole house was painted Tobacco Road...loving by the way! All the tile was done except the master bath but that will be complete the first part of next week. The electrician came and installed all the light fixtures and switches. Surprisingly we only had two glass shades on the dining room light broken and we bought over 20 lights so not to shabby. We are so excited! It is moving so quickly. They are supposed to carpet and install the cabinets next week so we will post some more next weekend.
Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandma Howard, Aunt Jeannie and Aunt Patti's trip to Utah

Aunt Jeannie, Gary and Aunt Patti up in the mountains.
The view of our neighborhood from the mountain.
Aunt Jeannie climbing the Rockey Mountains :)Grandma Howard, Aunt Patti, the girls and I.
Grandma Howard and Aunt Patti.Aunt Jeannie and Aunt Patti on their morning walk with Gary.

It was such a short visit but it was so good to have Grandma Howard, Aunt Jeannie and Aunt Patti here for a visit. They were able to hike up into the mountains with Gary and Bryan and of course walk every morning with Gary so hopefully they enjoyed being here in the mountains.
We spent quite a bit of time hanging out on Gary and Paula's Patio or in the living room just visiting and watching the girls. We did get half a game of Mexican train in and I suppose we have to give Gary the victory even though the game was never finished :) We also enjoyed a trip to Firehouse pizza and Grandma Howard got her FH'zzookie. This happens to be the best cookie EVER! and Aunt Patti, Aunt Jeannie and I also happened to enjoy one :) We had a lovely visit and can't wait to see everyone again.

Smithfield House - May 22nd 2011

End of week 7.Our siding and rock.
A closer look.Kitchen pantry.linen and coat closet.The closet in Kira's room.The tray ceiling in the Master bedroom.The master closet :)Entryway door, you can kind of see the molding we picked. Once we paint it will stand out quite a bit more.Another look at the molding.Back of the house. Since they were painting, they had all the windows covered so you couldn't get on the deck to see that the ceiling is all covered now. Unfortunately this is as close as I could get outside due to all the mud :(
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smithfield House - May 15th 2011

End of week 6.They put the third beam up on the deck.In the dining room looking toward the kitchen.In the dining room looking towards the living room and entry.In the living room looking towards the entry, hallway to the bedrooms, bathrooms and the stairs to the basement.Master bedroom.The girls rooms.
Monday, May 16, 2011

Duncan's B-day.

Cupcake time!A tired out Kit.
Kira in the bouncy house with Tessa Marietta.
Kit joins the fun.

Duncan taking on the pinata.

Kira's turn.
Duncan Lorang had his 3rd birthday this past weekend and I believe Kira enjoyed herself quite thourghly. She was a wee bit intimidated by the bigger kids but when left with the younger ones, she was very happy. Kit loved it though she didn't venture to far from Bry and I.