Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bar Stool Racer

Bryan's company has put together a team to build a bar stool racer for two years. This year the IMDS team set a new world record! Last year, the first year IMDS was in the competition, they hit 35 mph. The world record to beat was 49.8 mph. This year IMDS hit a an unofficial top speed of 58mph! The recorded speed between the speed trap markers was 55.55 mph. The second run hit 51.3 mph. The new record is calculated as the average of these two runs. As of 6pm on 9/18/09 IMDS holds the world record for fastest bar stool...53mph. The Bonneville Salt Flats are amazing. It was so pretty but we came back coated in salt...You should have seen my poor car! We all had so much fun though, and we were excited to be a part of such an exciting event!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kira's First Birthday!

Ok, so I entered these in backwards so this is Kira after she was all cleaned up and ready for bed. Kira just playing.

Kira and I after she ate cake :)

Kira finishing up.

Kira showing us how the little piggies eat.

Kira not quite sure what to think with her first big bite.

Kira liking that flame.

Kira loving this birthday thing!
Kira ready for her walk.
Kira playing in the yard.
Bry and Kira by the new truck.
Kira by the truck.
Kira in the dealership, where she had to spend quite a bit of her birthday :(
Kira playing with her phone.

After opening all her presents!

Kira with her new tea cups.

Kira looking all festive.
Kira not quite sure what to do with these things.
Kira first look at her loot.

Kira had such a good first birthday! We had so much fun, especially Bry since he was able to go get
his new truck! That's right, Bryan Howard no longer owns a jeep!!! Back to Kira :) She loved her cake and all her presents so thank you everyone who sent gifts and birthday money, we really appreciate it. She had a wonderful birthday.

Random pics of Kira

Maisie and Kira...Who needs toys when there is somebody to tackle??? Kira resting with her "Tigger"

Yes, that is a hockey stick she is holding!

Kira in her toy basket.