Thursday, November 5, 2009

14 Months.

Kira watching National Lampoon's Christmas vacation :)

Kira watching the snow.
Kira loves standing on her pony and telling stories. Kira loved all the Halloween decorations. Very excited to see how she does with all the Christmas decorations. Bryan and Kira, how cute is that?
Kira teething on poor Bv the Beaver. ( my favorite stuffed animal ever!)Kira is 14 months now! She is doing amazing. She has a few words down, Bye-bye, Hi, ball, doggy (her favorite), Daddy, Momma, Boo (sounds like Baa, she does it while playing peek-a- boo) She tries to say hi chewy but it pretty much come out as hi chew. She is working on it though. She loves to tell stories, we don't understand them at all, but she is very interested in a response from us. She has 12 teeth now, 4 of them are molars, three of which are still pushing through so she can be quite the crank at times. For the most part she is the sweetest and fun kid you could come across but of course I would say that!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Kira very excited about her Halloween card from Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Kira about to hug the card :)

Kira hugging the card.

Kira on Halloween morning.

I took Kira to our friend Beth's house for some Halloween fun.
Kira and Duncan. Kira chewing on party favors. Duncan, Kira, Carter and Avery. No trick-or-treating this year but we'll make her earn her keep next year. She did seem to have fun in her little dress, the wings were a big hit with the other kids, Thankfully Kira couldn't reach them :)