Monday, July 28, 2008


Richard and Bryan playing a little football in the lake.
Bryan, Andrew and Richard found a log and it was like watching three little boys!
Bry, Rich and Andrew bringing their "toy" to the beach.
Andrew, Bry and Richard hanging out after such a long swim.
Andrew, Jessica and the cutest baby ever...Little miss Maggie. Maggie was the entertainment for the night with her constant delight in everything. We had such a good time just getting away for a weekend of camping...couldn't have found a better group of friends to go with.
Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Michigan

For the 4th of July we had perfect weather. Bry and I had a little time to get down to the lake and just enjoy.
Here we are at my parents house with my mom, dad and my brother Jon. If only my sister in law Katriina was there with us.

My mom is quite disappointed that she is not going to be here for a baby shower so she decided to make me a cake...chocolate, does she know me or what?
Lake Superior was not as cold as I expected but this is as far as I made it in.

Bry and I made it to his ten year reunion...Only about half his class was able to be there but I think they all had fun.
The trip was crazy busy but were so glad we got to make it home. We got to see Bry's brother Brad and his fiance Sharlene before they moved to Texas. Two days later we drove with Bry's parents down to Muskegon Michigan to see just about all his relatives, It was great to see everyone. Bry got in a camping trip with his dad and I got in some shopping and a trip to the Tea Room with my mom. So all in all busy but so much fun. Wish we had another week just to hang out with family.