Monday, August 15, 2011

The girlies hanging out.

Both girls ready to head out and play in the water.Morning time with the ladies.A trip to Bear Lake for pizza and malts with Grandma and Grandpa Howard.
Cartoon time in the morning.
A little street hockey :)

Kit is 15 Months!

So excited to be 15 Months!
Just hanging out, waiting for someone to come get her.Kit giving her bunny some hugs.

Kit loves all things "little people". Both girls can just sit and play. Truly a beautiful thing.

My hockey girl.All ready to head out and play in the water.
My baby is 15 months! She is growing like crazy (I think), eating like crazy and sleeping like crazy. She says a whole bunch of small words and tries to repeat a ton. She goes up to our door and knocks on it and says "knock knock!" She can point to everybody when you ask her where is so and so. She is sleeping through the night all the time unless she isn't feeling good. She still only has 6 teeth but 2 are sitting right there but they just don't want to break through...poor kid. Everything Kira does, Kit is right behind her ready to scares me just a bit. She is still just a sweet kid and so cuddly and just a little girly girl but she is also still quite emotional....Lord help us when she is 13!
Friday, August 5, 2011

Kira is 35 Months!

The little lady taking a break.Kira practicing with Bry's hockey stick....we might need to find her a shorter one.
Getting ready to head out on the deck and play in the water.
Yes, she likes to dress herself :)I can't believe Kira will be 3 next month! She is getting so big on us. She is such a great kid with such a sense of humor and you have to love the wonder a 2 year old finds in everything. She is getting to be so much better with Kit, lots more hugs and kisses and she really wants Kit to play with her so hopefully that attitude will hold out when Kit really is big enough to play with her. She is pretty excited for the big 3. She told me she wants a pink car and Minnie plates :) . As long as it's not a real car, she is pretty easy to please.