Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some kiddo pictures.

The girls reading together.

My mom and dad sent the girls some new clothes so here they are dressed the same.

Here are some with Kira's new sunglasses.

Kit's turn!

And to top it off, here are a couple of Chewy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kira on hockey skates.

Kira's first time on hockey skates. It was a little rough on her after getting used to figure skates but she is moving along quite well now.

This is a week later, it was Kira's first time on her own hockey skates.
Kira's friend Maisy decided to come skate with us this week. This was her first time on skates!
The girls decided they wanted to try the walkers. Kira was going so fast with it but she told me next time she doesn't want one (Yay!).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sister fun.

The girl's feeding their babies...or themselves.

What our living room looks like when they have their little people world set up.
Cartoon time.
My little princesses.

Cuddling together.
Time for a picnic!

Kit is 20 months.

Kit after cupcakes.
cozy girl.
Princess Kit.

Kit playing with the big tigger.

Kit is 20 months! She is counting to 10 all by herself. She sings the ABC song (Just missing a few letters). She repeats everything, and says things like "love you", "Kira, where are you?"and "help me". While playing peek-a-boo she will say "Where's Kit? There she is!". She names everyone and most objects by their correct name. She has all her treats down to their correct name...of course. She just loves Chewy (Poor Chewy!) and chases him all the time. She has also learned "mine!" and Kira and her have very heated debates over what belongs to whom. She is a sweet little girl who is quick to give hugs and cuddle...Love it! Oh, she has also learned to say hockey, ref and goalie and loves to play with Kira's hockey stick and ball. Very cute :)
Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kira is 3 years and 4 months.

Kira getting a little tired while skating.
I took Kira skating as a reward for doing so good potty training...I think we are finally getting through to her! She has had such a fun month with sledding, skating, and Christmas. Poor girl had a cold starting in Nov. and finally it ended with a sinus infection that we are now hopefully over. Poor kid even wanted to be held on Christmas! She is doing really good though and yesterday when I asked her if she wanted to play hockey or learn to do tricks on skates she firmly told me she wanted to play hockey....That's my girl!