Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jackson, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

Kira sleeping on the drive to Wyoming. Kira sleeping as we drive through the Grand Tetons. Kira sleeping as we drive through a blizzard. Kira sleeping as we walk through Jackson Hole. Kira really was awake through most of the me.
Kira and I at the Grand Tetons
Kira so excited to see her dad. Kira wiping out as she runs for her dad :( The Teton range with a pronghorn in front of them. Kira in front of the Tetons. Kira just hanging out, we could not keep
socks and shoes on this girl for anything! Kira watching the Buffalo. The cabin we stayed in. Bryan and Kira taking a little hike in the Tetons. A couple of the Moose we saw. Giving Kira a break from the car at the visitor center. Kira playing in the snow outside the cabin.
(We were waiting for Bry to get us a new key since he locked us out) Yellowstone! Waiting very patiently for the park service to clear an accident.
Ok, not really, we waited an hour and then turned around to see some more sights.
It took three hours total for them to clear the area, The only road out of the park! Kira taking charge of the driving after being stuck in that carseat for four days!

13 Months.

Kira at Ryan's Place Park. Kira in our back yard. Kira playing with her pony. My little daredevil. Kira hanging out like a big girl. Kira just loves to sit on people. Kira watching our first snowfall of the season. Kira just hanging out.