Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kira goes camping.

Gary and Bryan took Kira camping last night. Paula, Kit and I went up to hang out and have hot dogs and s'mores with them though. Helping build the fire pit. It is kind of sad, the girls thought this was a forest. Happy to hang out. Sisters. Marshmallow time. S'mores! The sunset. The girls are finally getting a little tired. After Paula, Kit and I left, Kira settled into the back of the truck.
We have a camper on our hands!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tony Grove Lake

Gary and Paula invited the girls and I for a picnic at Tony Grove Lake. It's amazing how chilly it gets up there when it is still 80 in the valley. It was beautiful though and it is always good to get out of the valley. The girls had a great time throwing rocks and picking flowers.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kit is 16 Months!

Kit is 16 Months! She loves to color with chalk. Its usually ends up more on her then the driveway though. A trip to the park. She goes down the slide all by herself now! I am very excited about this since I now don't have to run up to put her on the slide and then run down to catch her or go down the slide myself...they do not build those slides for adults! Kit needed a little daddy time.
So my littlest one is 16 months now! She is talking so much and her biggest accomplishment is she went on the potty last night for the first time!!!!! It was all her, she wanted to sit on it so I took off her diaper just so she could get a feel for it and when I took her off she had gone! I have a bad feeling she is going to beat Kira on the potty training. Hopefully this will at least encourage Kira to finish up this process. She hasn't done it yet today but we will keep trying when she wants to do it. She is going down for her nap and bedtime wide awake and without a peep so I am pretty excited about that. The only thing is we are taking her to Jackson Hole in a couple of weeks so we will have to see how she goes down when she is sharing a room with her sister and four adults. She is still a very emotional kid but still the one who loves to cuddle and she is such a happy girl and loves to laugh.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kira's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kira!

Ok, I uploaded all the pictures backwards (again) so this starts at the end of the night. This is our Birthday princess

Cake Time! Time to dress up in her new Princess dresses. She received the Tangled dress from her Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina and her Sleeping Beauty dress from Grandma and Grandpa Howard. We went to Willow Park Zoo for a couple hours and also got some time in at the park right next door. Kit way too excited. Kira showing off her lobster socks from her Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina....Don't you love how well they match her outfit?? She must be Jonathan's niece :) Bry and I got Kira her first "car" for her Birthday and she decided to take Kit for a ride. Grandma and Grandpa Hopper sent Kira this fantastic basketball hoop and ball. She loves it! She also got a tutu from them.... Part tomboy, part girlie girl. Kit got Kira a Minnie backpack, it is quite the hit. Opening her cards. Showing off her Sleeping Beauty purse and princess wands from Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Sleeping Beauty Dress! Princess wands. Sleeping Beauty gloves, necklace, purse and ring from Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina couldn't forget about the youngest one and sent Kit the cutest little doggy. She loves it :) Another gift from Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina, a cute little dog house with three dogs, this is a huge hit with both girls.....let the fighting begin :) The opening of Tangled, one of the few full length movies she will sit and watch. Kit hanging out with Grandpa Howard who is trying very hard to distract her from all the fun stuff on the floor. A Tangled Dress!!!! From Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina. Another shot of her three dogs from Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina. The opening of her first gift. The girls were very excited to wake up and find balloons all over.
My little lady is 3!!!! I can't believe it. How could she be 3 already??? She is doing really well, still working on potty training but what can you do?? I talked to her doctor today and his opinion was "it is easier to train an 18 month old then a 3 year old" helpful, I know. She was so close before we moved but at this point it is a battle of wills so the question is do we let her be until she is ready? or do we just go forward and take the diapers away? Time will tell. She did really good at the doctor, she is the size of a 4 1/2 year old though but he said she is doing amazing. She is 35.6 # (85%) and 39 in. tall (85%). She knows her ABC's and can count to 20. She has many funny sayings that keep us laughing every day. She dresses herself and can brush her teeth by herself (though I still go over it). She is very proud of the fact that when you ask her how old she is she can put up the proper three fingers. She loves to color and look at books and pretend. She is such a sweet and spirited kid, you just have to love her. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent her gifts or money, That was so sweet of you all and she had a wonderful Birthday. Happy Birthday baby, we love you very much.