Monday, January 19, 2009

Eating, skating and some playing in between

Our new table...We are very excited :) A look at the top of the table...Did I mention we are excited?
Bryan just flying around the rink with Kira....yes, he made me nervous. Bryan and Kira.
Kira and I skating around.
That bee just gets her attention every time.
Kira just having way to much fun.
Kira in her little play saucer.
Kira and I just hanging out.
Kira learned she can roll over on the changing I am in trouble :)
Kira lounging about.
Kira likes her hands a wee bit better then the spoon.
Kira just a sticky mess after eating
Kira so cute and clean before eating.
Bryan tring to clean Kira up after her dinner.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

4 months old! plus more Christmas pictures :)

Kira and Her Christmas Moose, A gift from Grandma Howard.

Chewy and Tanner, They only see each other maybe twice a year and they never forget each other.

Bryan and Kira having a little staring contest.

Grandma Howard and Kira. Paula was the best Christmas present I could ask for...I got to sleep in the whole time they were here!!!

Kira at 4 months.

Kira in her oh so cute outfit from her Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Time

Aunt Katriina and Kira, How cute is that?!?!?!
Grandpa Howard and Kira...Kira wearing her onesie that reads "Who needs Santa, I have Grandparents" Pretty accurate I think :)

Kira and Bry having a little bonding time.

Bryan looking for any wildlife at oxbow bend in the Tetons. We found Bald Eagles...Very exciting!
Kira and Aunt Katriina

Jon, Katriina, Bryan, Kira and I in Jackson Hole Wy.

Quality mother daughter time.

Uncle Jon and Kira.

Kira looking so sweet on the drive to Wyoming.

Uncle Brad and Kira on Christmas Eve.

Brad and Sharlene on Christmas Eve.

Grandpa Howard and Kira on Christmas Eve.

Kira and Howard, Bryan's favorite toy from childhood.

Kira just plain tired out after pulling herself over to the tree :)

We were so lucky having so many people fly in for the Holidays! My brother Jon and his wife Katriina were here mid December for a few days, we were able to take them to Jackson Hole Wyoming and of course they got to meet Kira for the first time! A few days later Bryan's parents flew in for ten days and a couple days after they arrived Bry's brother Brad and his wife Sharlene were able to come spend a few days with us as well. We had so much fun and we are so sad we are all alone in Utah again!!! Kira had a few firsts while Howards were with us, She had cereal for the first time and she rolled over from her back to her stomach!!! So excited about that! I think they enjoyed meeting her for the first time :)