Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the park.

Kit wouldn't let anybody hold her hand except Kira, It was really very sweet.

Paula watching the dogs :)Kit checking out Grandpa Howard down below.

I think I look happier then Kit here!
We went to a park in Smithfield on Sunday and let the girls do some running and playing. Both girls just love being outside. Grandma and Grandpa Howard were able to go with us and the girls just love having that extra attention.

Smithfield House - June 12th 2011

End of week 10.

The girl's bathroom.Master bathroom.

My closet :)Master bedroom.

My first housewarming gift from Gary and Paula.The house is so close to being done. It passed inspection and we are hoping to move in this coming weekend (assuming all goes quickly with the bank). All they have left to do with the house is paint the outside doors a dark brown, stain all the beams on the house, touch up the paint in the house, hook up the washer and dryer, pour the back patio and do a rough grade to the yard. The painter is supposed to take care of most of that today or tomorrow so we are pretty excited.
Friday, June 10, 2011

Even more Kit pictures!

A couple more of Kit.

I somehow missed posting these pictures below of Kit riding on Kira's "bike" when we were at Grandma and Grandpa Howard's house. She loves to be pushed around the driveway. She can't reach the peddles yet but she's getting close!

Kit is 13 Months!

Aunt Katriina and Uncle Jonathan sent Kit this hat (with some other cute things!) for her birthday and I took a few pictures of her in it.

Love the face on this one :)
This is another morning in the Howard household.Kit will probably hate me for this picture but I thought it was funny.Kit's first time in the big girl car seat! Kira didn't ride with me somewhere so I thought we should try Kit in it and she loved facing forward!Kit's first ice cream cone. I think I ended up as messy as she did with her dropping ice cream all over my foot...yes I was wearing sandals.

That's right, she is a walking girl now.
Kit is 13 months! My little lady has finally become a walker (Right after she turned 1) and she sleeps through the night now! Bless her little heart :) She is a very sweet little girl but she is still very emotional and quick to tears...something tells me this is not going to change and the teenage years are going to be wet ones! She is finally eating like a champ(probably why she sleeps through the night) and she is completely weened now. All we need to do now is get her off the pacifier...easier said then done. Kira never took a pacifier so I am a little unsure on how to break her of it without causing even more tears :) Maybe once we are settled in the new house we will tackle the pacifier. She is up to six teeth now, I keep thinking another one is coming with all the drool and chewing but no more yet. She is really getting a personality on her and she tries to say a few things like mama and dada (of course) but she also tries for ball and dog and we even heard a very clear grandma the other day. Oh, she also is very clear when she says "mine"...must be a little sister thing. She is very sure of what is hers and Kira had better back off. Kira is also very protective of a few of her things so maybe that's where she got it from. Overall, she is such a happy girl and we are loving every minute of it :)