Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All my hair is gone!


I have been wanting to cut my hair for months now so today I did it! I am very excited to have short hair again...I'm hoping it's as easy to do as the stylist made it look.

Monday, July 18, 2011


How the trip to Lagoon started.
Kira's first ride.Kit watching with Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

Kira and Bry waiting in line for the big swings.

Kira in the boat...she actually chickened out when she found out we couldn't ride with her :(Kit walking with Grandma and Grandpa Howard.Kira's first "roller coaster". She loved it.

Bry taking her on her second "roller coaster". She loved this one too.

This was a huge hit with Kira.

Kira and I taking a train ride. She did this once with me and once with Bry. They had a bunch of animals like lions and tigers in cages along the tracks so she got a pretty big kick out of it. We couldn't both go though since they did not allow drinks and we had just bought huge drinks.Back to the carousel one last time before we had to leave.

Bry's company does a picnic/trip event every year. This year they paid for everyone to go to this amusement park down by Salt Lake called Lagoon. After lunch we took Kira on a few rides (Kit was too small) and Gary and Paula watched the girls so Bry and I could go on a couple of roller coasters. Gary and Paula even went on one! After awhile Gary and Paula took Kit home (So very nice of them!)and Bry and I took Kira to the water park. She had fun but was a little overwhelmed by all the kids. She had a really fun day though and asked if we could go back the next day :) I think we will wait until they are both a bit bigger so we can do a little bit more.

A visit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnston.

Four generations of Johnston/Howard.
Sisters.Kira hanging out with Great Grandpa Johnston.A little water fun.Kit playing with Great Grandpa Johnston.
Kit trying on the gloves that Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnston brought.
We were so excited to have Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnston make that crazy long drive from Michigan to Utah this past week. The girls loved seeing (and meeting in Kit's case) the Great Grandparents they hear about all the time...don't get me wrong, they hear about all of you Grandparents and Great Grandparents all the time :) We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and enjoyed all the good food that Paula made every night...Thank you Gary and Paula for letting us hang out every day with you guys, we had a lot of fun.
Monday, July 11, 2011

Kit is 14 Months!

Kit finishing off her ice cream :)Playing in the laundry room.

Chocolate chip cookie time.
Hugging on her blanket.Riding Kira's horse.My tired out little girl.

Kit giving kisses to her baby.

Kit is 14 months now! She is doing really good. Sleeping through the night all the time now, napping really well in her new room and she plays just fine without me in the room so my baby is growing up! She is turning into quite the eater so I'm curious to see how much she has grown next time she heads to the doctor. She is still quite sensitive and little things just make her crumple into tears. It's really quite sad. She is such a little lover though and we are loving that she gives us kisses every now and then..mostly her toys get them though. She is fun little girlie..and I do mean girlie. I don't think there is a tomboy bone in this girl but I guess time will tell.