Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas pictures.

Christmas picture time!

Kit going in for a kiss.

We are going to have our hands full when they hit the teen years!

Kit squints every time she says "cheese" so sorry you can't see her eyes in any of these pictures.

I couldn't get Chewy to sit with the girls for a picture so this is his one Christmas picture.
Kira's turn for pictures.

I have never, and I mean NEVER had such a hard time taking Christmas pictures before. I couldn't take Kit's until after lunch because she was just in an emotional uproar all morning and after lunch I couldn't get Kira to sit for anything so there are very few good pictures of them together since there was a window of about five minutes they both wanted to do this. Thankfully we got a couple we like so enjoy!
Friday, November 18, 2011

First bit of winter fun.

Getting ready to head out.

The beginning of their snowman.

Kira hit Kit in the face with a snowball :(
The joy of eating snow.

Happy girl.

Adding the arms, straight from Michigan. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hopper!
All done!

Shoveling time!

Kit's turn.
Kira giving her snowman a hug.
A little cuddle time in the snow.
So we got a little snow today. I was not expecting it to add up like this but it was a lot of fun to take the girls out to play. They loved every minute of it.

Christmas decorating a wee bit early.

Decorating Kira's room.
And Kit's room.
Back to Kira's room.
And the dining room slider.
Silly faces.
Kira's side.

Kit's side....yes she had a little help.

Ok, I know I'm early on this decorating business for Christmas but it was snowing like crazy (My justification that I can get ready for Christmas) and we went shopping and found these window clings. Needless to say Kira was beyond excited about this idea . The girls each got to do their bedroom window and a side of the slider so it was fun for all :)
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kit is 18 Months.

Bry and Kit out for a walk.My baby.Hanging out in Chewy's bed.Something is wrong in this picture. I believe the rolls have been reversed.The joy of a slide.
And the joy of a swing.Cartoon time before her nap...I think she looks ready.Kit is a year and a half now. She is doing great. She is talking all the time and even going on the potty every now and than. She goes to bed great and naps for a couple hours every afternoon with no problems. She is still a little cuddler and still very emotional :) She went in to the doctor for her 18 month check-up and did great! She is at the 2 year mark for talking she is up to 23.4 Lbs. (40%) and is 31 1/2 in. tall (50%). She has 12 teeth, 4 are molars and all the molars came in last month...a very emotional time for all of us :) She is doing amazing and growing so fast.