Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kira's first time skating.

Bryan and I took Kira skating last night for the first time (Not including when she was a baby and we carried her). She was so excited and did so good! She started out with both of us holding her hands and then went to one of us at a time and then she was going all on her own. She was going pretty far on her own too. She fell a couple times but she was right back up all on her own. We were quite proud and she says she can't wait to go again. We went for about an hour and she took a hot chocolate break about half way through and then we were right back out.
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hardware Ranch

We took the girls up to Hardware Ranch today. They feed the elk and offer slay rides. We did go early so we could be home for nap time so the visitor center was closed as was the slay rides :( The girls had fun running around and looking at all the elk though.
Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day.

Christmas morning!
Stocking time.

All Kit wants for Christmas are bows I guess :)
Let the opening begin!

Some books from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper.
A tool box for Kira so she can help Bryan finish the basement.

A new puppy for Kit from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper.
New camping chairs and sleeping bags for the girls from Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

Tinker Bell for Kira from Great Grandma Howard.
A pink airplane for Kit from Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina.

A little people zoo for Kit.

Kira "checking her e-mail".

Fondue time! My parents sent us a fondue pot for our Anniversary and we loved it!
Kira's new game from Uncle Brad and Aunt Sharlene.
We all had an amazing Christmas! The girl's received so many gifts and they loved them all :) So thank you to everyone for gifts and money for the kiddos (and us!)...I know I didn't get pictures of all the gifts but they really did love everything they received. We did lots of eating and playing and the girls really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Christmas Eve.

On the way to go sledding.

And so it starts. You can see Grandpa Howard with Kira in the background. Kit really didn't like it yet. She just kept saying "Noise! Noise!" It was really cold and the snow was pretty icy so it was pretty noisy.

Kira doing all the work.
Here comes Grandma and Grandpa Howard!

Kit finally starting to smile.
Kira climbing in the snow.
Kit loved climbing in the snow and then sliding back down.

Kira, Kit, Grandma and Grandpa Howard.
Kit and I hanging out in the snow. (My toes were cold...I was trying to get sun on them!)
After lots of eating and watching Christmas movies the girls got to open one gift....New pajamas!

Now time to show off those new Minnie pajamas by the tree.

After the girls went to bed Santa came!