Sunday, February 21, 2010

28 Weeks, Bry's snow hut and Valentines Day.

28 Weeks today! So excited to start the third trimester. The Snow Hut! Andrew, Richard and Bryan after building the snow hut. Working on the Snow Hut. Richard, Andrew, Paul, Eric and Bry.
The area where the snow hut is about to be built. Kira and Maggie. Kira so happy to sit in a big girl chair. Kira "brushing her teeth" Kira eating strawberry shortcake for Valentine's Day. Kira and Bry reading on the couch. Kira taking her new Valentine's "Doggy" everywhere...even to cook. Kira wanted the chocolate so bad! Kira reading her cards from the grandparents on Valentine's Day. Kira ready to open her present on Valentine's Day...A very pink doggy. Kira playing with her kitchen set.
28 Weeks is finally here! Very happy about that. Can't wait for the next 12 weeks to fly by. We had a very eventful weekend with friends coming up to spend the weekend with us. The boys decided to build their yearly snow hut and winter camp but this year when they were done with building they realized how old they were and decided to come back down, order a pizza and sleep in their own beds. We also had a chewy emergency, He had to be taken to the vet at 2:30am on Saturday morning because he couldn't breath. He has a collapsing trachea that is in pretty bad shape so now he is on a steroid, antibiotics and a sedative. After a week if he is not better we may have to put him down. I am hopeful though and he has sounded so much better these past two days since they put him on the steroid. Keep your fingers crossed for the little man, He is my first baby!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

17 Months.

Bryan and Kira at the rink.
Kira rocking and singing to her bear :)

Kira helping in the kitchen. Bryan made Kira a fort out of his blanket and needless to say, there was a wee bit of static in there :) 24 week picture! We have decided to name her Kit Ashlyn Howard.
She is doing amazing so far and measuring right on. I felt her kick for the first time at 16 weeks and Bryan felt her at 18 weeks. So much earlier then with Kira. Our due date is May 16th, very much looking forward to it :)