Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kit is 3 Months!

Kit hugging on her bear.
Kit loving that attention from her dad. Kit's first time sitting in her Bumbo. Happy baby. First time I caught her really smiling with the camera. Back in the Bumbo. Time for Tub Tub. What a tiny little behind! In the Bumbo again. Happy girl.

Kit is 3 months now! She is doing amazing. She seems to be teething so we have had some crying fits but we are surviving. She has moved into her own room now and sleeping about six hours to start with and then another couple after that middle of the night feeding so we are starting to get some sleep. She is such a sweet happy baby and we are just loving it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My sweet girls.

Kira is 23 Months!

Oh my gosh, I am almost 2! Kira dumping water on her face. Kira bitter that I put her in a swimsuit. Kira hamming it up for the camera. Kira watching cartoons. Kira and Ethan watching Looney Tunes. Kira wanting to go backpacking with her dad and Grandpa Howard.
Kira is 23 months! I can't believe in a month she will be two!!! She is doing so good. She is talking up a storm and loving being outside every morning and usually in the evening after dinner. She did have pink eye for a bit but she seems to be doing good now. She is such a good big sister and calls her bunny "Baby Kit". She sways with it and burps it and feeds it...So sweet. We are loving having Bryan's parents with us and Kira is just loving all the extra attention. We asked her to say Uncle Brad yesterday and she says "Uncle Butt" So funny. She got Uncle Jon with no problems but those Aunts of hers have her lost. We are working on it though. We are loving every minute of our baby still being one...Soon she will be all grown up!