Friday, August 10, 2012

Kit is 2 years and 3 months.

Yes, sparkle and tutu's are also a favorite of Kit.  She is still the girly girl out of the two and loves to be "pretty". She is the one who wants to be dressed and hair done immediately in the morning where I have to chase Kira around the house until 11am to get her out of p.j.'s!   She is so sweet and loves to give kisses and hugs.  She loves to cuddle and look at books and her "people" (The little people from Fisher Price) are her favorites and are played with every day.  She does whatever Kira does which can be good and can also be very bad.  Yesterday we picked out some place mats and Kit picked Minnie Mouse until Kira picked princesses so then Kit had to have the princess one too....It never ends.  She is the more cautious of the two but not overly so, I think we are just used to Kira so to us Kit is cautious.  She is a really good kid who listens pretty well, still very quick to tears but we are really hoping she outgrows that!
Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have completely neglected our first "baby" for some time on this blog.  For those who have wondered, Chewy is still with us, he is very cranky with strangers but he loves everyone he knows!  He even lets Kira carry him (when she doesn't have a cast on).  His back leg he rarely uses, the vet has been telling us for a year he might need surgery eventually and it has finally turned into an issue. The poor guy is almost ten though and with the collapsing trachea we are just trying to keep him comfy and love on him for as much time as we have left with him.  At the animal hospital they told us he would be lucky to make it to 11 and his life span would probably be from 9-11 years.  He can't go for walks and really just follows us around the house and sleeps a lot.   He has almost made it through the summer which is very hard on him due to the heat,which aggravates the collapsing trachea, so we are hoping he can be with us for a little bit longer. He's a good little dog, with some very odd habits (He barks and paws at his food before he will eat it....I don't know so don't ask). We love him to pieces and fingers crossed he will make it to 10!

Kira chose pink!

Kira got a pink cast this time!
Poor Kira, for the first week of her broken arm we had to set her up on the floor so her room was a little crowded. She had a really good doctor's appointment, they re-x-rayed her arm and it looks good so she will be going back next week and the following week for x-rays to make sure it heals this time around.  She will also be in this cast for another 5-7 weeks (we'll know more later).  Her doctor this time around is so much more thorough, it made Bry and I feel so much better.  Fingers crossed by October she will be fully healed. 
Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sisterly love.

Ok, so these are old, you can tell by the fact Kira is wearing her orange cast, but Kit has been happy from the start to just hang out with her injured sister. Its really quite sweet :)

Kira is 3 years and 11 months.

One months shy of Kira's fourth Birthday and 3 days shy of seeing the orthopedic doctor to get the all clear, Kira re-broke her arm.  For the summer she has been less then two weeks without something on her arm and now she will be in a cast for another 6-8 weeks.  The poor kid! All she was doing was running (I know, I know) down the hallway with Kit and she tripped over her dog purse and her poor little arm just wasn't strong enough for the fall.  The surgeon we saw that night said she was in the danger zone as far as a re-break and he was surprised they had cut the cast off so soon and had only required a brace for the following two weeks.  I'm really glad she was able to play in Lake Superior but we would have been just as happy had they re-casted her in the waterproof cast or even let her be and we could have put the bag over it. Now she is stuck in the cast until October!  We had even gone to get the paperwork to sign her up for Mini Mites the night before.  She was so upset right after she fell just because she knew what this meant.  We were supposed to go camping Friday night (This happened Thursday night), we had plans to take the girls back to the Aquatic Center on Sunday, Next Wednesday we were going to start skating again and lets not forget she was going to the doctor on Monday to hopefully get the word she could really play again.  All she kept saying (or sobbing) at the E.R. was "I don't get to play!". It just about broke our hearts! The break has also been a lot more painful for her.  It was the exact same spots but they broke further this time and she had more tissue damage and her hand was way more swollen this time around. We never had to use pain meds the first time but this time she really struggled the first day and a half.  Yesterday you could really see her getting back to her old self though.  This doctor, yes, we changed orthopedic doctors, doesn't want her in a hard cast until Thursday so the swelling is all gone so we are laying low all this week and hopefully we can keep her somewhat still!