Monday, July 20, 2009

Escaping the heat.

Kira sleeping so soundly.
Kira in her brand new pool.

Kira and chewy in the pool.

Kira playing.
Kira watching Bryan's game. She loves to bang on the glass :)
Bryan playing in his Sunday league. He is the guy in red on the left. It has been in the 90's for over week now so we have had to come up with a few ways to keep cool. Kira is loving the new pool and it keeps her occupied for at least 45 minutes :) The rink is not as much fun for her...She has that habit of eating off the floor so she is constantly being told no and just ends up being held. At least it's over an hour of chilly fun for Bry!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Kira and Duncan at Bear Lake.
Kira and Duncan playing.

Kira and I at Bear Lake...yes, that is dirt she is trying to eat :)
Bryan, Kira and I. Bryan and KiraDoug, Duncan, Andy, Avery, Bryan and Kira (Notice the girls have matching swimsuits...totally unintentional I swear!) Avery, Kira and Duncan at the pool. Kira and I at the pool. Kira just getting into trouble!
Kira got to go swimming for the first time last week at the pool.
Did not go great, she pretty much wanted to be held or
allowed to walk around the pool :) So today we took her up
to Bear lake with some friends thinking she might be a little more
confident with Bry around...not so much :) Half our pictures
of her in the water she is either crying or screaming. Thankfully
we have a few of her enjoying herself. Mostly she was happy to just eat
the sand.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Months!

We took Kira for a hike...Didn't go great but Bry was happy to be in the great outdoors again.
Kira loves riding in the jeep with the top off.

Kira in her pretty dress from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper

Kira finally happy in the grass....It took some time for her to actually put a foot in it :)

Kira just hanging out.

Kira all ready for her first 4th of July.

Kira is almost always all smiles when that camera comes out.

Kira loves to look out back, if only we could keep her from pushing on the screen!

Kira shoving all her food in her mouth. The nasty thing is she spits it out and does it again and again...

Kira and I walking around the yard on the 4th.

Bryan, Kira and I just hanging out in the yard on the 4th.

Kira at Bryan's hockey game...She was far more interested in her treats that she figured out how to open all on her own :)
Kira just playing with her toys.
Kira and I in some wild flowers in the mountains.

Kira is ten months now! She is doing so good. She is walking everywhere, into everything and just so much fun. She is in the 95 % for weight and height (the size of a 15 month old)but the doctor says she is doing great and not to worry...Now hopefully she won't have any repressed memories of Bry calling her an Amazon girl :)