Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michigan Trip.

Kira at the park the day before we left for Michigan
Bryan and Kira on her first flight ever.

Bryan, Kira and Chewy in the Minneapolis airport.

Great Grandma Johnston and Kira

Great Grandpa Johnston and Kira
Bryan giving Kira her first popsicle.

Bryan, Kira and Grandpa Howard :) Grandpa Howard and Kira.
Kira, Bryan, Grandma Howard and Great Grandma Johnston- First bath at Grandma and Grandpa Howard's
Bryan and Kira at Grandma and Grandpa Hopper's

Great Grandma Hopper, Grandpa Hopper, Grandma Hopper, Kira, Bryan, Uncle Jon, Aunt Linda
and Uncle Bill eating at Eagle Harbor
Uncle Bill. Aunt Jeannie and Kira. Uncle Brad and Kira.
Kira opening some early Birthday presents

Kira "helping" blow up her pool at Grandma and Grandpa Howards
Kira and I in Howard's back yard.

Kira, Great Grandma Howard and I Grandma Howard, Kira and Grandpa Howard.

Great Grandma Howard and Kira.

Grandma Hopper and Kira.
Grandma Hopper and Kira at Lake Superior.
Kira and I in Graden City Creek. Kira and I in Lake Superior.

Kira in Garden City Creek...yes I forgot her swim diapers and yes, the diaper she is wearing
is about to explode :) Kira and I in the creek, she finally had to go without the diaper.

Grandma Hopper feeding Kira.

Great Grandma Hopper taking Kira for a walk At Gitche Gumee.

Grandma Howard and Kira in Eagle River.

Grandma Hopper and Great Grandma Hopper keeping watch at Eagle River.
Bryan swimming in Lake Superior.
Grandpa Hopper and Kira at the Hut.
Great Grandma Hopper, Grandma Hopper, Grandpa Hopper, Kira and Bryan at the Hut. Grandma Hopper and Kira walking to the car.
Kira in her brand new "big girl" car seat from Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

11 Months!

Kira is 11 months now! She is doing fantastic. She did have a virus for about three weeks that made everyone unhappy but it looks like all is well again. She is now saying "mamma" and "dada", we also think she is saying "hi" but that could just be us thinking we have a talking baby :)
Kira is going to fly for the first time on Friday as we are heading to Michigan for ten whole days! So excited. Not about the flying, I think that is going to be awful. Wish us luck and hopefully we will have tons of pictures to post in a couple of weeks!