Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Jump Zone.

Looks a bit awkward but she was just doing somersaults.

Kit cooling off in front of the fan.

They have this place here in Logan called the jump house.  This place is pretty impressive.  The section Kira and Kit were in is just for little kids but they have two more sections and it is huge! They have places for parties...maybe a B-day party in our girls future! The girls love it and it is the perfect place to go to for a bit in the winter.

Kit sledding backwards.


Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Howards.

The girls had a second Christmas on Christmas afternoon at their Grandma and Grandpa Howards. Both girls got new clothes, Kira got a guitar and Kit got Cinderella's carriage.  Both girls are extremely happy!
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

On Christmas Eve the girls got to open one big box that had new jammies, socks,  a new movie  (how to train your dragon), the book The Night Before Christmas, hot chocolate and Christmas cups. 

Santa Came!

Christmas morning.

Stocking time.

On to gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper.

Princess ornaments.

Books for Kit to go with her new Belle dog.

Toto.  Can you tell Kira is in love?

Kira's favorite story.

Princess games!

My baby loves books and I absolutely love that.

A gift from Kit to Kira.

A gift to Kit from Kira.

I'm going to point out that Kit took out Eric (that came with the set) and put Snow White in with Ariel.  The girl knows that friends are more important.

Books from Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda.

Gifts from Uncle Jon and Aunt Katriina.

A Minnie Mouse camper!

A vet bag with dog....and yes, it makes noise Jonathan.

Bubble Bath from Santa.

Kira got princess bubble bath from Santa.

Kira taking care of her new puppy.

The big Santa gift.

For Kit too!

The Little People Princess castle along with all the princesses and a few princes.

Kira got the Loving Family Holiday home.  (yes, it takes about an hour for Bry to put it together). 

Kira trying on her princess shoes and crown from Kit.

The girls have had an amazing Christmas so far.  After opening their gifts, they had cinnamon rolls and are right back to playing.  We are headed to Grandma and Grandpa Howard's house at lunch time for more presents so I'll post more pictures later.