Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Holidays.

Great Grandma Howard trying out the sledding hill. Everyone had a turn, I think the adults liked it more than Kira! Grandpa Howard taking Kira down the hill. Bryan bringing Kira back up the hill. Kira in her sled, it was her first time and I don't think she was thrilled about it. Kira trying out her new snowsuit. Kira was trying to make a break for it but Grandpa Howard was just too fast. Kira drinking her milk with Grandpa Howard. Kira helping put together her new kitchen set from Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Kira cuddling with Grandma Howard. Kira in her brand new hat from Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Kira dancing with Great Grandma Howard. Kira opening one of her gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper. Kira and her new rocking bear. Bryan bringing Kira down on Christmas morning. Great grandma Howard and Kira in the truck. Kira being silly. Kira eating some breakfast. We were so thrilled to have Bryan's parents and Grandma Howard out for a visit over Christmas and New Year's. Kira was loved on the entire time (Of course!) and Bryan and I were able to enjoy the occasional nap and sleeping in. We found out the week after Christmas that we are going to have another little girl in May! Poor Bry, he is going to be outnumbered, don't even get him thinking about the teen years :) We also decided to sell our house, it went on the market today and hopefully we will be out of it by time the new baby comes. We are not overly confident in that seeing the market is awful but our fingers are crossed. A lot is going on but we had a wonderful time over the Holidays and can't wait to see what this year brings.