Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Kira enjoying her first Easter Kira and Bryan.
Kira loving this standing thing.

Me and Kira.

Kira showing off those two teeth.
Kira finding her Easter basket way more fun then what's in it.
Kira on Easter morning.
Chewy doing his best impression of an Easter bunny.
Kira trying to get to chewy. Chewy taking over Kira's territory when she is napping.

Kira crawling away.
This is about as close as chewy gets to Kira.
Kira trying to master the sippy cup.
Kira trying on her first swimsuit for our trip to San Diego!
So Kira had her first Easter. It went pretty well, She has been fighting a cold for over a week though so she was a little moody. She is pulling herself up to standing now so life goes quickly from giggles to crying....poor kid! She loves the standing though and really is only crawling to find furniture to pull herself up on.

Monday, April 6, 2009

7 Months

My hockey team won the last tournament of the season yesterday, Very fun but not ready for the season to be over.Kira trying to get to chewy.

Kira working so hard to make herself move!

Kira taking a little break.

Kira saying "hi"

Kira just having a good ol' time :)

Kira playing with her new bear from Grandma Howard.

Kira's play group.
Kira eating finger food for the first time.

Kira is seven months now and is doing great! She started crwling a little yesterday and today she made it about half way accross the living room :) Our snow finally melted...again and we are loving that we can get outside. Kira is a big fan of the grass and I am looking forward to getting her out a little more.