Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smithfield House - April 30th 2011

End of week 4- Started roofing. Our covered deck is on its way! Laundry/mudroom. looking at the house from inside the garage. Kira on a big mound of dirt. Kira doing her victory dance after making it to the top. Kira climbing, having the time of her life :) The deck.

Smithfield House - April 29th 2011

End of week 4- Starting on the deck Kira showing us her room...Sorry so dark! Kitchen In the living room looking towards the kitchen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011.

OK, so these are backwards of how the day unfolded so this picture is actually right before we put the pajamas on and Kira wanted to read a story to Kit. My happy girl. Bryan took Kira around the block on Grandpa Howard's motorcycle...It was a huge hit. The girls riding the tricycle. This was Kit's first time on it and she just loved it. Kira showing off her new Minnie Mouse pajamas from the Easter Bunny. Kit "reading" an Easter card. Kit so excited that she now has her very own bunny (They later traded) Kira opening an Easter card. Kit showing off her new toys. Kira has a Hopper chocolate bunny....yes, that was intentional :) Digging in. Kit checking out the loot. Kira's ready to get this started. Kira after she found the baskets at Grandma and Grandpa Howard's house. Kira showing off her pretty new dress from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper. I could not get these girls to smile at the same time. Kit liking her new dress. Kit showing off her new dress and sweater from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper.
We had a lovely Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Howard's house. We started off with omelets and homemade Cinnamon rolls that Paula made. Then we had a lovely day just hanging out, playing outside, snacking some more and taking a trip up to see the new house. We ended the day with a very tasty ham dinner that Paula also made with Strawberry shortcake for desert. Can't really beat a day like that.

Smithfield house with the girls.

We took the girls up to the new house this evening to look around. Kira is quite excited to play in those dirt mounds.