Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our new lawn.

We have grass! We are so excited.  Now all we have to do next year is put in trees and shrubs.
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The photos taken by Man vs. Mud.

Marina, me, Bryan and Ellen at the start of the race.

Bryan, me, Meridith, Erik, Ellen, Marina and Paul at the end of the race.

Poor Bry, it looks like I'm going to hit him!

Bry's splash.


Creature from the mud lagoon!


I don't know if I look mad or really grossed out.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kit is 28 months!

A Kit tent!

Kit showing off her shades.

Bryan and Kit napping over Labor Day weekend.
Kit is 28 months now! She is doing always.  She does have a wee bit of a cold (Thank you Kira) but she is handling it well, no crying or complaining.  She just needs her buggies (boogers) wiped on a very regular basis. She cried and complained when we took Kira to preschool last week and she really wants to go to but its nice to have some Kit time for a couple hours.  I think she also liked being able to pick her cartoons without big sister getting a say.  She is just starting to go on the potty but it is so not a regular thing. She also won't give up that pacer (pacifier)! We are going to have to take it into our own hands pretty quick.  I have such a hard time taking it away though.  She is a sweetheart and we lover her to pieces, pacifier and all!
Thursday, September 6, 2012

Purple cast.

We thought Kira was getting a half cast today but the orthopedist wants her in a whole cast for one month more so she doesn't rotate her lower arm. Poor Kira, but hopefully this will be her final cast. At least she got to try one more color!
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kira's 4th Birthday.

Kira's cake.

Dining room all ready the night before.

Birthday doughnuts!

Kira dancing.

Birthday pancakes, what can I say? Its what she wanted for dinner.

Cake time!

Finally, the time she had been waiting for....Present time!

Cars from Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

Glitter coloring pad from Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

Princess nail polish from Bry and I.

Cinderella with her carriage, mice and fairy godmother from Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

A tangled bath doll from Kit.

A singing and storytelling Belle.

A book from our friends Phil and Debe.

A princess tent from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper.

Tag reading system from Bry and I.

Princess bubble wands from Grandma and Grandpa Hopper.

Our friends Curtis and Lindsey setting up the tent.

Grandma and Grandpa Howard saved a special gift for when all the friends had gone home.

Kit keeping busy.

A special tinkerbell necklace for a big girl from Grandma and Grandpa Howard.

Grandpa Howard helping Kira put on her new necklace.
Kira had a really nice Birthday.  She started with Birthday doughnuts and then played all day while watching her favorite cartoons.  At dinner she had Birthday pancakes because that was her request.  Right after dinner Grandma and Grandpa Howard came over as well as a few neighbors who have kids right around the same age as Kira.  Curtis and Megan live right behind our house and have three fantastic kids and then on our street there are two families, Brian and Lindsey with twins and Bodie and Laura with two little boys ( all of  these kids are great kids). We even got a big kid, Brighton, from right across the street to come by for a bit.   All the kids played until cake time and then of course everyone had cake and then Kira opened all her presents.  The night ended with a video chat to Grandma and Grandpa Hopper back in Michigan.  Thank you to all that could come on by and thanks to all who sent cards, presents or gave Kira a call.  She had such a fun Birthday, you can tell that kid is really loved.