Sunday, February 15, 2009

5 Months

We took Kira for her first snowshoe today to see Bryan's snow hut from winter camping last week.Bry, Kira, Chewy and I just hanging out in the snow.

Kira, Chewy and I just enjoying the snow.
Bry, Kira and chewy laying down in the snow hut.

Kira on her first Valentine's day.
Kira and I on Valentine's Day morning in our heart p.j.'s

Kira wanting Bry's very pretty Margarita :)
Kira's first time eating peas. She was not very happy about it.
Kira's first time sitting up without being supported.

Kira in her crib in the morning. She loves this musical toy from her second cousins Brooke and Brian.

Kira just plain happy :)
Kira and Bry hanging out together.Kira just loving on her Dad.

I am so sorry it took us so long to update this page...I'm full of excuses so all I'll say is I will try to not make you stare at our new table from here on out :) So Kira updates, She is 5 months now, can sit unsupported (Can't get there on her own though), Has had a cold for about two weeks now but is doing much better :) and has taken a very strong intrest in our dog chewy, who by the way is having none of it. Nothing else to report but I will try to update you all a bit more frequently :)